Baile Felix strand

Why choose Băile Felix Resort?

We spoke in a previous article about the fact that Romania is a destination for health & spa tourism in the true sense of the word. A third of Europe’s natural resources is in Romania, and Băile Felix, which we will talk about today, is the largest four-season spa resort in Romania.

Băile Felix resort is ​​located in north-western Romania, in Sânmartin Village, in a hilly area covered by beech and oak tree forests, 8 km away from Oradea and 22 km from Borș, on the Hungarian border. History has it that the hot thermal springs were capitalized in the eighteenth century by the monk from the Klosterbruck monastery in Moravia, Felix Helcher, administrator of the monastery of Sanmartin. Between 1711 and 1721 the first settlements were organized for treatment under the name of “Baia lui Felix” (or Félixfürdő in Hungarian). Today, Băile Felix is modern tourist resort, with a capacity of 7,000 beds, swimming pools, outdoor thermal pools, spa and wellness centers, water parks and many other recreational options for different types of tourists.

Here are some reasons why Felix could become your next trip option:

All seasons resort.

Since it is available to the tourists at any time of the year, it means that you can schedule your holiday in any season, without being constrained by a certain period. The location of the resort at an altitude of 140m and the average annual temperature of 10.5 degrees C, and the summer temperature of 21-22 degrees C, makes the winters mild and the summers cool.

Variety of illnesses that can be treated

Famous for the beneficial effect of its waters in calming the muscle and joint pain rheumatic neuralgia, the resort is recommended for the treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases (arthritis, rheumatoid spondylitis, consequences of a serious rheumatic fever), degenerative diseases (spondylosis, arthritis, polyarthritis, lumbar sciatica), and diarthrosis (tendonitis, tendinitis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, etc.), diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system (hemiparesis, paraparesis etc.), gynecological diseases (chronic metrosalpingitis, minor disturbances at puberty and menopause), post-injury conditions (result of surgery of joints, bones and muscles, as a result of fractures, sprains and dislocations, etc.), endocrine disorders, etc. It’s good to know that we can benefit from a health & spa vacations without having an immediate need or something to fix. Spa treatments are indeed indicated in the treatment of existing conditions, but at the same time they can have prophylactic and maintenance purposes.

Existence of the necessary equipment for people with special needs

Modern 4 and 5-star hotels, with elaborate treatment centers, well-equipped, operated by highly- experienced medical staff, await for tourists with special needs. Access ramps at the hotel entrance, dedicated spaces (accommodation spaces, dining rooms and sanitary groups) and parking spaces are available for the guests looking to visit Romania and to benefit from spa cures in a friendly and comfortable environment suited to their needs. 

Leisure trip / optional tours available in the area 

Besides sightseeing available in resort (such as lakes with water lilies and lotuses, populated by turtles, old churches, etc.), proximity to the city of Oradea and also to Hungary provides the opportunity to perform trips that will take you out of medical area. Thus, you can visit the city of Oradea, a lovely old town with a pedestrian center accessible to people with disabilities, and also you can enjoy a trans-border trip to Hungary, in Budapest, where you can include cruise on the Danube River.


Băile Felix is ​​situated at approximately 8 kilometers from Oradea and at approximately 300 km from the city of Budapest. Both cities have airports, which makes the resort accessible both from Romania via a direct flight from Bucharest, as well as from Hungary, if it is more comfortable to fly to Budapest in terms of time and cost.

Option to integrate the resort into a circuit of Romania

If holidays in spa resorts lasting minimum one week are not exactly your type (minimum length required for an efficient spa cure) or simply spa treatment is currently not in your area of ​​interest, you can integrate Băile Felix into a mixed mixed of Romania, such as a cultural and leisure circuit. Thus, you can start the road trip from Bucharest, and continue to Brașov, Sibiu and Cluj-Napoca – exploring Transylvania.

Băile Felix will be the final destination, where you can relax a day or two, enjoying the generosity of existing natural cure factors after a rather assiduous route. No matter what form you choose to visit Băile Felix (access option, tourist stay, holidays, etc.), we assure you that it is a winning option, which you will recommend in your turn or that you will want to visit again.

Photo Source: Turism Felix