Frequently asked Questions

Which airports fly to Romania?

Most important airports in Romania are Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Timisoara, Sibiu, Iasi. Low cost carriers such as Wizzair, Blue Air, Ryanair, Air Berlin land on airports such as Bacau, Craiova, Sibiu or any other airport in Romania. Budapest Airport is 225 km away from the Romanian border (on highway), where from you may start your journey in Transylvania, Maramures or Bucovina.

For people with special needs we recommend landing on Bucharest airport. Dislocation costs for the accessible car from Bucharest will increase the trip costs, but you will have the opportunity to see Accessible Romania. Nevertheless,  there are accessible places in Bucharest where you can enjoy your stay.

Will I need to learn Romanian?

You do not need to speak Romanian language. Tourist assistance will accompany you in your tours. In case you chose individual tours, in touristic cities (Bucharest, Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, etc.) there are many people speaking English language. The only problem is on the countryside, but we can provide you with local SIM telephone number and give you remote assistance.

Anyway, Romanians appreciate when you speak to them in Romanian language! “Multumesc” (thank you) and “Buna ziua” (hello) will be enough to impress locals.

Will people speak English?

There are many people speaking English language, city hotels  and restaurant always have English speaking staff. Also, in the cities many locals speak English language so don’t be afraid to ask someone for direction, there will be a person to answer you in understandable English Language. Besides, most of Romanians are friendly and they will even try to draw you the directions if they are not able to speak.

How much money shall I take?

Take between 15-20 euro/ each meal not included, 30 euro for fancier restaurants.

A beer is 2.5-3 euro/ pint, 5 euro in fancier restaurant usually caned/ bottle.

Wines are affordable and nice, starting with prices from 10 -20 euro/ bottle in a restaurant, in supermarket you can pay starting for a medium quality wine from 8 euro/ bottle.

Souvenirs: you can buy souvenirs starting from 1 euro.

What currency is in Romania?

Romanian local currency is Romanian leu (RON) (plural “lei”) and local payments are made only in lei.

(for update on currency exchange rates visit the National Bank of Romania webpage:

Is there an age limit?

There is not an age limit. Everything depends on your health and doctors recommendations to you for traveling, insurance and yourself.

Does the price include insurance?

The rates do not include insurance, as we only offer insurances for Romanian citizens, according to Romanian law.

Even if Romania is a safe country, we advise you to insure yourself with the best insurance your agents recommends you for your Romanian holiday.

Do I need Visa?

EU citizens are not required visa for traveling to Romania. For other countries: visit Romanian Office for Immigration  webpage and also discuss with your local Customs Office and Foreign Offices.

What if I’m getting ill?

According to your travel insurance you can be hospitalized in Romanian hospital. For special conditions we can also ask a private medical company services for faster response (services paid to the private ambulance).

In case you need full time medical assistance, we can request to a private medical company nursing companion during all your stay. Payments for medical assistance and nursing will be made directly to the local providing company.

What is the weather like?

Winters are cold (-3 degrees C down to – 20 degrees C in Eastern Transylvania) with heavy snows, especially on the mountain side. Last years winters were milder, but still there were periods of heavy snow. Don’t forget to bring proper warm clothes and adequate boots!

Spring time: it is nice and warm, it rains from time to time, but not excessively. It will be ok to bring your umbrella with you. If it does not fit into your luggage, don’t worry, you will find in the marketplace an affordable umbrella.

Summer time: During summer Romania is hot with plenty of sunshine, temperature varies from 25 to 38 degrees C in southern side. As you go north and into the mountains the weather is cooler.

Autumn time: first half of the autumn is quite warm during the day and chilly by night. Second half, rain starts to settle in and days are shorter and colder.

What should I bring with?

Don’t bring excessive luggage. If you are taking a tour it is a nuisance to carry useless stuff with you.

Bring your usual medicines according to doctor prescription. Pharmacies are all over the place in Romania. Usual medicines and supplements can be bought in Romania, the prescribed medicines have special regime and also, usually the name of pills differs (but they can be identified by the active substance).

A flashlight can be useful if you consider hiking or taking some night travel.

Comfortable shoes and clothes are mandatory for a successful holiday regardless the season.

For summers: always bring light clothes, cotton made, fabrics of light colors. A hat would be useful – unless you would like to buy it from here..

A mosquito repellent might be required in lake/ seaside areas ( you can buy this in Romania as well).

Bring also a sweater/ jumper as nights are cooler in the mountain area.

A thin wind/ waterproof jacket might be welcomed during heavy short summer rains.

For winters: warm clothing is required during winters. We have cotton body T-shirts and woolen sweaters or polar jackets.

Bring warm socks, consider like 2 pairs a day, you might get wet.

Bring warm comfortable waterproof boots.

Will I need any vaccinations?

Romania is an European country. Some seasonal influenza vaccines might be recommended. Speak to your doctor before your trip to Romania.

I have special dietary requirements

If you do not eat meat or have special dietary requirements, we can arrange with the hotel that you are lodged in to provide meals included to the specific board of holiday  package according to your diet. For meals not included in package, we can always ask for meals according to your diet. In case you consider you might encounter difficulties in placing orders during your individual tour, we can provide you  a telephone with local number SIM and help you with your specific order.

Please do not forget to mention that when asking for an offer!

Are there any extra costs?

All package descriptions have “included” section. Our fares are land only, extra costs will be considering the flights. Still, we are happy if we can make you a good flights deal.

In our tours, tips are usually included .

Souvenirs are extra.

Meals and transportation, entrances not provided in “included” bring extra costs.

Special medical services are extra charged, the amount payable depends on the emergency and case.

Which are general payment conditions?

Payments conditions ares set out in Annex to the Contract and its payment will be made under the terms set out in the Annex. For further information, please read the tourist contract.

What is our cancellation policy?

If you cancel your reservation, Accessible Romania by Sano Touring will refund any payments LESS a Cancellation Fee. Cancellations must be received by fax or email and the Company shall retain the full deposit in case of booking cancellation.

If booking is cancelled the client is subjected to cancellation fee as follows:

50% if cancellation is made within 29-11 days prior the start of booked services
100% if cancellation is made within 10 days prior the start of booked services

Specific  booking and cancellation policy might  be requested according to specific hotels requests or during festivals and celebration periods.

I have a complex disability

Please let us know more about your specific needs when asking for an offer, and we will find together the best option for your Romanian journey!