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Health & spa tourism in Romania

One of tourist products for which Romania is famous in the world is spa & health tourism. A third of the spa resources of Europe is located in Romania and even though our country is not as skilled as other European destinations in promoting this type of tourism among foreign tourists, there are a number of factors which recommend it as a spa destination for top-rated spa and wellness services.


Even if the quantity benchmark is often less important than the quality factor, in this case we however will mention a few figures which cannot be neglected. Therefore:

In Romania there are over 1,300 mineral springs, i.e. one third of all resources in Europe, whether for drinking water or for spa treatment purposes, states an official report of the World Tourism and Travel Council

In our country there are about 30 spas attested by the competent national authorities and more than 30 other resorts located in areas with climatic factors that are found beneficial in maintaining and improving conditions for health insurance

In 102 A.D the foundation of the first resorts in the Balearic Romania was cast by Emperor Trajan, as the Romans took over the Greek spa cult and developed it further. Thus, the Romans built Terme Herculi, known today as the Herculane Baths.

40,000 beds are waiting for tourists in 2 to 5-star hotels and hoarding boarding.

Natural treatment factors

Geographical and relief diversification gave birth to a variety of natural therapeutic factors, which are found throughout the country in hot springs or mineral salt lakes or therapeutic muds, pits (unique in Europe and existing in Romania), bio or tonic climate, beaches and therapeutic factors of the Black Sea coast, salt mines. They all have a recognized high therapeutic value, certified by an official specialized institute.

Natural therapeutic factors of thermal waters in Romania help treat various types of rheumatic, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, neurological and gynecological diseases.

Investments in treatment centers and spas

The success of spa cures involves the combination of three extremely important elements: natural resource (natural therapeutic factor), human resources (balneology physicians and other specialists treating the tourist / patient) and the technology that makes possible / facilitates the administration of the cure/treatment. I have already spoke about the richness and diversity of the natural treatment factor, and the quality of the medical personnel is undeniably high (tanks to the tradition and and prestigious schools in the field), and the good news is that in the past 10-15 years modern treatment facilities were founded, state-of-the art technologies were acquired and annual investments of hundreds of millions of euro were made in this field in Romania.

Resorts such as Baile Felix, Govora, Calimanesti Caciulata, Sovata, Tusnad, Covasna, Eforie Nord and Mangalia can proudly compete with spa and wellness resorts in other European countries.

Investments in infrastructure specific to hosting people with disabilities

Aware of the fact that health tourism is an inherently accessible tourism segment, more and more hotels owners in Romania have started to invest in the necessary infrastructure to accommodate disables persons, especially with locomotor disabilities. Access ramps at the hotel entrance, dedicated spaces (accommodation spaces, dining room and sanitary groups) and parking spaces are welcoming guests visiting Romania to benefit of spa cures, in a friendly and comfortable environment adapted to their needs. Another progress was made by equipping pools and treatment facilities in order to allow the access for people in wheelchairs.

In a future article, we invite you to discover the most important and most developed spas in Romania, as well as ways of combining a health holiday with small moments of exploring the surroundings.