Our Team

Meet the humans of Accessible Romania by Sano Touring

Irina ensures that each and every location we include in our programs are inclusive, and she is always ready to recommend each tourist tailor-made options for the uniqueness of his special needs. With love for Romania and passion for tourism, she designs tourist programs, maintains the best relations with partners in the country and abroad, and carefully organizes every action. Her extraordinary communication skills and positive attitude helps in finding the most suitable solutions in critical circumstances.

Admirably trained professionally, energetic, flexible, sociable and communicative leaders, the guides with which we collaborate (among them – Diana, Andrei and Igor) ensure that our tourists enjoy the most of local experiences and remain with pleasant memories.

Whether it’s just a transfer from the airport or a two-week tour through the country, Iulian is the one who drives our tourists behind the wheel of Crafty – our adapted minibus that can carry at least two wheelchair users. Prudent, respectful, and jovial, he ensures that the planned program is respected, that tourists benefit from all the comfort on long routes sometimes together with our colleague guides, and gives Irina permanent feedback on the places visited and the impressions of tourists.

Marius ensures that our online presence is accessible to all, modern, attractive, active, and targeted to the audience to whom we address. Smaranda supports us through the originality with which she creates the inclusive design of the materials that represent us, while (the other) Andrei makes sure the .pdf documents we generate are accessible.

Dragoș supports us through the professional services offered by his law firm, and (the other) Marius ensures that our accounting and human resources policies are properly implemented.