European Maritime Day In My Country

In March 2021 we identified an opportunity to promote our services through the EMD In My Country initiative – an important part of the wave of ocean awareness and activism that has been rising steadily in recent years, and the events under its brand have become more and more popular, attracting more than 25.000 participants every year.

The 2021 edition runs across Europe from April to October and targets the general public, with the entertainment and play component aiming to directly attract a younger audience.

Accessible Romania by Sano Touring enrolled in this initiative with the project “Constanţa – Ancient Heritage on the Romanian Black Sea shore”, a one-day guided tour that was organized on September 20 in hybrid format (physical and virtual).

The program revealed to participants the city center, and delivered experiences such as enjoying the taste of fresh fish served with a good wine from an internationally renowned wine cellar and sailing along the shoreline.

The transport from Bucharest has been carried out with our adapted van; all proposed objectives and activities were accessible to wheelchair users.

This event aims to bring to the attention of tourists and tourism specialists accessible the potential of the Romanian Black Sea coastal area, our goal being to promote this region where accessibility contributes to the achievement of an inclusive and sustainable tourism.