Accessible Romania made it possible for me to explore Bucharest at my own pace while always being there to help, every time I needed it. Always punctual and friendly, Irina and her colleagues went above and beyond my expectations and always just knew what they were doing and made everything as comfortable as possible.


Romania was on my list of places to travel for quite a while. It’s not a country that particularly comes to mind when one imagines a month-long European vacation, but its culture, architecture, and food intrigued me.

When I started to plan my trip I was quite overwhelmed by just the challenge of traveling from the airport in Otopeni to my hotel in central Bucharest. Accessible Romania made it so simple, I didn’t even have to think about it, despite my arrival at midnight.

Traveling alone has its perks — you can do whatever, whenever — but it also means that if things don’t go according to plan, the vacation can turn into a nightmare. That’s what happened when I broke my leg and ended up in the ER at six in the morning. At this moment, I felt alone and scared, but Irina and the team at Accessible Romania made sure that I had all the help I needed. Although I was alone, I never felt that way because of them.

Just like most people with any kind of disability, the team at Accessible Romania is adamant in their pursuit to finding solutions that work. There may be barriers, but none that can’t be crossed with just a little help.